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Certified health coach, psychotherapist and author Nathalie Botros joins Kathy this week to chat about wholistic health.

I don’t know about you, but I feel like the way I think about dieting and food isn’t a healthy one. For me, I need to focus on shifting away from eating “bad food” that in turn makes me feel like I’ve made a “bad choice” and that I’m a “bad person” because of my choice. Having three kids and working from home, some days I just feel like we are in survival mode and I don’t always make great choices.

Does anyone else feel like this?

Nathalie tells us how the mindset and attitude about food varies among different places in the world, and how portion sizes are quite large in the U.S. She shares her experiences with dieting, and explains why lifestyle changes are more important than dieting, and also why it’s not all about the scale.

You’ll learn some habits you can form to encourage healthy eating, and have a chance to win Nathalie’s book “If You Are What You Eat, Should I Eat a Skinny Girl?”

Nathalie Botros