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This is your one stop shop for style, fashion, health and fitness. Deidra’s passion is to help empower women, to reach their fullest potential both inside and out. Deidra and her guests will be discussing how to develop your style, health and lifestyle hacks to energize your day, and inspire you to keep reaching higher levels of success. Deidra is a professional fashion stylist, health guru, and Mrs. Washington 2017.

In today’s episode, certified health coach and psychotherapist
Nathalie Botros shares her story of struggling with weight gain and negative body image after moving to the United States. Through a journey of self-discovery, she was able to fuse her health certification with her psychotherapy background to help coach and mentor other women to learn how to lose weight in a balanced approach that she calls the “Bon-Vivant Life” (the good life). Learn how Nathalie inspired other women in their health journey with passion, fulfillment, and how to still enjoy eating and living life to the fullest by becoming hungry for happy!


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