Can we travel and not gain weight?

After publishing my book in January, I decided to take a few days off and flew to Puerto Rico. I needed to rest my brain and just relax. You know those kinds of vacations where you wake up, you hit the beach and don't move until they kick you out? And then you go to get a shower and a nap to be ready for dinner. The kind of vacation that you know it is a waste of time and space to bring your workout shoes because you won't see the gym during your trip....

I stayed at the Ritz Carlton in San Juan, where the beach was beautiful, and the food and drinks were amazing. When you are on vacation, you don't go to drink water all day or behave with your food. This doesn't mean that you need to drink every colored cocktail on the menu and eat all the appetizers on the menu at once, though.

I personally hate those cocktails where you are not sure if you are drinking a sugar bomb or alcohol. I opt for a rosé wine at the beach, but "Piscine" style. "Piscine" means pool in French and when you add a lot of ice in your drink (it works with white, rosé wine and champagne) you call it a "Piscine". The advantage is that it is very fresh, and your drinks end very slowly as the ice melts and you have more to drink. This tip is useful when I am going out in New York as well. If I’m not in the mood for wine, there is always another solution. I ask for a "mojito" without sugar, with extra lime and with ice on the side. A mojito is simply rum (and, believe me, they are rarely generous with it), soda water, fresh mint, lime juice and sugar. So when you take the sugar out, you have soda water with mint and lime, plus a flavor of rum. Besides the rum, they are all good ingredients. As long as you don't drink ten, a mojito is refreshing and can be a perfect substitute for those horrible colored cocktails. I loved that at the Ritz-Carlton they call it a "skinny mojito"!

My skinny mojito

My skinny mojito

For the food the easiest thing to do at lunch was to eat a sandwich or finger foods at the beach. If you can substitute the white bread with whole wheat bread, even better. Just enjoy your time and don’t stress too much about eating healthy. This is your vacation. At night when you go out at restaurants, you can always follow my tip of sharing your food with others. It will help you to taste a bit of everything and eat less… and it takes away some of the pressure to finish your plate ;)

So to my question, if we can travel without gaining weight, I say of course yes. Enjoy your time off and stop counting the calories, carbs or any other diet you follow.

UPDATE: October 2017 As you know Puerto Rico has suffered from two hurricanes this year. I am sad to see this beautiful country devastated. There is still no electricity or water in some areas. I know the people of Puerto Rico are keeping their big smile, but they need help to survive and rebuild their country. There are several charities you can donate to that are working directly on relief efforts there. I encourage you to find one and help.




Nathalie Botros