Tips To Lose Weight Without Compromising Tasty Foods

With the year end coming, I am sure we all do the same mistake.

We eat as if there is “no tomorrow” during the end of the year with the excuse that it is the “Holiday Season.” Then comes January with the “hunger games”, where we starve ourselves with three boiled vegetable to lose all the weight.

It used to be my life. I would call them black periods and sparkling periods. My sparkling periods would be eating with excess; and my black periods would be doing diets where I almost lost the will to live.

Today I learned something, we don’t need to starve or scarify tasty food to lose weight. We can follow few simple tips and tricks of The Bon-Vivant Girl lifestyle and get to our ideal weight. These points are not made for a two-day diet, but a lifelong health.

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Nathalie Botros