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The Bon-Vivant Girl is all about spreading love.
What better way to express your love than a perfect gift for yourself or someone special? Welcome to my little boutique where you can find a few items that I have created for you.

"Le Scarf"

Coco Chanel famously said,  "A woman should always look in the mirror and take one thing off before leaving the house."  I agree but I would never remove my pashmina scarf. It’s a Bon-Vivant girl's signature accessory. 

Meet Le Scarf — a selection of handmade pashmina scarves from Turkey. These custom cashmere and silk pashminas are great for all seasons. The details are hand-crocheted, making each scarf unique… so pick your favorite and embrace your inner BVgirl or pick them up for friends and share your love. 

The new collection

I am dedicating my new Pasmina collection to the women in my life that I love and cherish, who helped me become who I am today. Stay tuned more to come as I have a big tribe!!!


The Bon-Vivant Girl is tired of collecting all the plastic bags from the grocery stores, so she decided to create her own natural cotton bag that she carries with her.

Meet Le Tote, the BVgirl's fun canvas. It can be used at the grocery store, at the beach, in the city or wherever you want.