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The Bon-Vivant Girl believes that sometimes your mother really did know best. Or your grandmother... or that neighbor lady who kept telling you the craziest things to get rid of your migraine But over the years I've tried many home remedies from friends and family all over the world and found some natural and functional solutions that work wonders... although they sure SOUND crazy!

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I know that today coconut oil and apple cider vinegar are the solutions for everything; but one starts to wonder, what were we doing before? Well did you know…

If you suffer from gas, the only thing you need is a teaspoon of cumin… it tastes like mud, but you will feel much better very fast. I drink water to get rid of the mud taste

If you have a migraine, you should put an ice pack on your forehead. The cold constricts the blood vessels

Another solution for a migraine is to cut a potato in two and place that on your forehead—This was my grandma’s tip!

When you have muscular pain, you should take a bath with Epsom salt or you can dissolve certain types of aspirin into the water (look for the fizzy kind!)

If you burn your fingers, which happens to me often when I cook, leave it under cold water for 10 -15 minutes to relieve the burn

If you forget to wear sunblock and end up with a sunburn, applying yogurt will relieve the pain

These are some of the secrets and tips that have worked for me over the years. As we are all wonderful and unique individuals I encourage you to test these out and share your own experience with them... and even share your tips!!!