A "bon-Vivant" is "someone who lives well"


Who is the Bon-Vivant Girl?

The Bon-Vivant Girl, Nathalie Botros, is a world traveler with a big appetite, both for food and experiences.
Born in Lebanon, raised in Turkey, studied in Switzerland, Nathalie played and worked in Milan, and eventually landed in New York City.
Nathalie started her first diet while studying in a Swiss boarding school where each girl was dieting and she felt the need to follow suit. Her diet “hobby” became a profession when she moved to New York and gained 40 pounds in just one year. She tried every “little black dress” of trendy diets for years unhappily, until she stopped the insanity and began a new lifestyle.

During her journey, she discovered that life is not all about losing weight, but being happy, healthy, and fulfilled.  The Bon-Vivant Girl lifestyle was born.

In Nathalie's approach, "well living" (or "bon-vivant" in French) starts from realizing that to succedd in all facets of life, you need to start by being happy.

Nathalie Botros; Psychologist, Certified Health Coach and ex serial-dieter, will show you that you don’t need to diet to lose weight.

Her book “IF YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT SHOULD I EAT A SKINNY GIRL?” is the ultimate ANTI-diet, health and lifestyle guide that is full of tips and tricks to be a happier, healthier you.