ABC Kitchen

ABC Kitchen is one of Michelin star chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten’s restaurants in New York and among my favorite spots.

The décor is modern-rustic with wooden floors, white walls and white tables and chairs. All the plates are different, and they seem to come directly from my grandparents’ house.

The food—like the rest of the details—is amazing. Everything is fresh and organic, and ABC Kitchen’s menu is full of great dishes to share à la the Bon-Vivant Girl. My favorite starters are the line caught tuna sashimi and the crab toast with lemon aioli. A little BVg tip: I always ask for extra dressing with the tuna sashimi that I use on my crab toast. I love their kale salad, not because it is trendy, but because the dressing of lemon, serrano chilies and mint takes it to another level. Additionally, if you like calamari you should absolutely taste their pretzel toasted one.

tuna sashimi
crab toast

I personally like to order several appetizers and then share maybe a pizza, but if you are really hungry you have to have their akaushi cheeseburger with herb mayonnaise and pickled jalapeños. It is a total OMG moment.

I have to confess, I love their almond cake with seasonal fruit compote and vanilla ice cream to finish my food. It’s the perfect balance between sweet and acidity and goes very well with your coffee.

akaushi cheeseburger
almond cake

The only major challenge with ABC kitchen is getting a table unless you book well in advance or you are ready to eat your dinner at 6pm or 11pm. The good news, though, is that they have a walk-in bar area where you have the same menu as the dining room, so if you don’t have a table reserved I suggest you give that a shot. And for lunch you can usually get a table if you go at noon, when they open.

The beauty about ABC Kitchen is in the same block you have the store: ABC Carpet, and their three restaurants: ABC Kitchen; ABC V (their new vegan restaurant) and ABC Cocina, where you can enjoy farm fresh Latin American fusion cuisine.

Hungry yet?