New York is full of happening restaurants, between the world-famous chefs and the fashion spots, you never know which restaurant to choose. But the kind of restaurants I like are the hidden ones. The ones that only locals know, the ones that can surprise me and my palate.

Bohemian is one of those restaurants, hidden behind a butcher shop, you can only make reservations by referral. The new guests need to be introduced by customers of the restaurant… It is a room that can look like your living room with no more than few tables. Don’t be fooled the building was Andy Warhol’s home and the studio of Jean-Michel Basquiat.

Once you manage to get a reservation and find the entrance of the restaurant, you can start tasting the yummy food. Every dish is delicious, but I think you should not miss the Farmer's Fresh Vegetables Fondue; the Tartar, where steak tartar is on a warm toast filled with blue cheese; the Miso Black Cod or The Branzino; but also the Bohemian or Teriyaki Burgers

Again, every dish is amazing, so you cannot go wrong. Every time I go, I try another dish, just to make sure to not miss anything 😊

It is one of my favorite spots, as the seating is limited, I recommend calling them in advance and even put yourself on the waiting list!!!

2017-10-12 18.35.48.jpg

Few of my favorite dishes to water your mouth…

2017-10-12 18.41.08.jpg
2017-12-04 19.40.19.jpg