Cipriani Downtown

In NY we have several Cipriani locations and my favorite is Cipriani Downtown.  Located in Soho, the restaurant has a more casual vibe than the rest of them and the atmosphere there is electric. The place is always busy so even if you have a reservation be prepared to wait for your table. Don’t worry, though, because you can always sip your Bellini at the bar while waiting. 

Cipriani Downtown is often described as a eurotrash spot, and there are a lot of daddy’s kids, but it doesn’t bother me. I love the food, the people watching, and after all, I am a little bit eurotrash myself ;) 

The menu is composed of Italian dishes with classic Cipriani ones. Like every restaurant I have my favorites. Their artichoke salad with avocado and shaved parmigiano is a must order dish.  I also love their tuna tartare with tuna sauce. Their bresaola, prosciutto and burrata are all imported directly from Italy and fresh, so don’t forget to taste them. 

Pasta with Bolognese sauce

When I go with a big group we always order several appetizers to share, so we can have a bit of everything. And you know The Bon-Vivant Girl is always about sharing her dishes. It is her trick to taste everything. 

Once the appetizers are done, I advise you to order one of their pasta dishes. I love tasting a new one every time and on my most recent visit I went for the Bolognese. OMG out of this world, and guess what? I didn’t even share my dish this time! LOL. But if you are less selfish and share your pasta, you will still have room for a main course or dessert... I personally love the Beef Tagliata, or the Veal Piccata al Limone with Rice Pilaf that I replace with spinach.

Whether you go for lunch or dinner you can always be sure to have a great time At Cipriani Downtown. You might even catch a celebrity having dinner right next to you. And if you are not into that, you can always enjoy the various art pieces displayed on the walls.