You know those kinds of restaurants where you are surprised with every dish? Well Cosme is one of them.

They say it is Mexican food, but for me the food at Cosme is beyond that. Every time I go, I discover new dishes and new explosions of tastes in my palate.

I love that the Chef Daniela Soto-Innes is a young, 28 old woman. She started working in kitchens at the age of 14. Power to her and to her talent.  

Not surprised that she is no 25 in The Worlds 50 Best restaurant list.

Finding a reservation is hard. But don’t worry, just walk in and you will find a spot at the bar. I personally enjoy eating at the bar, more action!!!

2017-06-12 21.11.55.jpg
2018-07-10 21.38.53.jpg

Few of my favorite dishes to water your mouth…

2017-06-30 13.38.57.jpg
2017-06-12 21.16.52.jpg