Keen's Steakhouse

The BVg food philosophy is to eat a bit of everything, but in small quantities. I know today the latest trend is to be vegan or vegetarian, but I don’t follow trends anymore. I made that mistake when I tried each of the latest diets on the market and failed over and over again. So, I eat red meat, and I love every bite of it when I eat it.


There are so many great steakhouses in the city and I know everyone has a favorite. I have several, but Keens Steakhouse is my favorite.  Since I discovered it, the quality of the food and service have never disappointed me. Whenever I dream about a good filet mignon, I envision my table and dish at Keens Steakhouse.


Keens opened its doors in 1885 and is loaded with history. It started as a member only club; Teddy Roosevelt and Albert Einstein were among the famous members to pass through their doors. Today it is open to the public. Keens is known for its quality meat, but it also owns the largest collection of churchwarden pipes in the world.


The menu is not much different from any steakhouse but what makes Keens unique is the décor: the entire ceiling is filled with pipes. I love this place because while I savor my delicious filet mignon, I can picture how it would have been when it was the “Pipe Club.”

I highly recommend you try it, but make sure to book in advance as it is always full, for lunch and dinner.