Stanton Social

In a big city like NY, restaurants have a life expectancy of between 6 to 12 months. The restaurants that are still open after that period of time are definitely the winners.

Stanton Social is among those survivors, 12 years and counting. This three-level restaurant located in Lower East Side opened its doors in 2005. You would think after all this time the quality of the food would have declined, but that is not the case. Chef/owner Chris Santos knows how to maintain the high quality and exceptional taste.

The concept is simple: you have a menu full of dishes to share from all around the world and a great selection from the raw bar. The French onion soup dumplings, the potato & goat cheese pierogies, the brussels sprout ravioli, tuna poke wonton tacos and the Stanton Social beef wellington are few dishes that I love from an “all yummy” menu.

Onion Soup Dumplings
Stanton Social5.jpg

I encourage people to go with a big group, so you can order more dishes and taste a bit of everything. I also advise you to tell your waiter you are not in a rush so you can have time to enjoy each dish.

If you want to experience the food, with a completely different décor, the owners opened another restaurant few block away called “Beauty and Essex”.