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ABC Kitchen

ABC Kitchen is one of Michelin star chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten’s restaurants in New York and among my favorite spots.

The food—like the rest of the details—is amazing. Everything is fresh and organic, and ABC Kitchen’s menu is full of great dishes to share à la the Bon-Vivant Girl.

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Avra Madison

Although I love exploring new spots, when I get hooked on a restaurant you can be sure I am one of their best clients.  Avra Madison is my new obsession. It is an upscale, large and modern restaurant serving Greek seafood. The space is gorgeous, with warm lighting and plenty of room to enjoy a meal.

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Sometimes I find the best food in my neighborhood restaurants. Taboon is one of them. I got hooked on the restaurant when I lived in Hell’s Kitchen. The food is Middle Eastern/Mediterranean or as they call it "Middleterranean".

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Cipriani Downtown

In NY we have several Cipriani locations and my favorite is Cipriani Downtown.  Located in Soho, the restaurant has a more casual vibe than the rest of them and the atmosphere there is electric. The place is always busy so even if you have a reservation be prepared to wait for your table. Don’t worry, though, because you can always sip your Bellini at the bar while waiting. 

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Ai Fiori

Chef Michael White is the Head Chef and Owner of the Altamarea Group. Ai Fiori, which translates to “Among the Flowers”, is my favorite among them. I got hooked when it first opened couple of years ago, and after a short time the critics followed. Over the past few years Ai Fiori has received three stars from the New York Times and earned a Michelin star.  

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