"If you are what you eat, should you eat
a skinny girl?"



After years of being a serial-dieter and chasing every diet I could find to lose weight, I learned that my problem wasn't with food but with my mindset.

Once I healed my relationship with myself I was ready to take care of my relationship to food. I was done with all the crazy diets. It was time to stop injecting myself with pregnancy hormones and to embrace a regimen of self-love.

My new philosophy was all about living well — what the French call “a bon-vivant” life.

This book will show you how to love and accept yourself, and that “size doesn’t always matter”.  You can be a size 2 or a size 10, as long as you are not happy you cannot be healthy.  If You Are What You Eat Should I Eat a Skinny Girl is the ultimate ANTI-diet book. It is a guide to living life to the fullest potential, where I’ve shared my experiences and my struggles  to motivate you, make you laugh and help you get on the road to a happy, healthy life.

“What if you could look past the details to embrace and accept your body? If You Are What You Eat, Should I Eat a Skinny Girl? is a humorous and practical book of tips and secrets to losing weight without sacrificing your appetite for life.”

— Lisa Davis, MPH, Talk Healthy Today



I decided no more diets for me. I needed to work on myself first. During that period, I had highs and lows with my weight. This time, I didn’t panic when I gained few pounds. Instead, I had to study myself. The key was to understand why I gained that weight. Was it emotional or simply a hungry period? Studying my weight gain helped me to resolve that issue. For example, I know that when I have family or friends visiting, I automatically eat more, as everybody is hungry at different hours. My resolution was to be a bit more careful with food before their visits so I could earn “food credits.” Thanks to my food credits, I can enjoy food when family and friends are around.