Gianni Pedrinelli Restaurant
 | Porto Cervo, Sardinia

In Sardinia the most important “rule” is to just enjoy life. After the happy hour ends and before your night hitting the clubs begins, you should make a stopover at one of the many outstanding restaurants….  I guess you could say the people of Sardinia live the Bon-Vivant Girl life every day without thinking about it!

There are a few classics and Gianni Pedrinelli is by far the best restaurant on the Emerald Coast. Costa Smerelda is known for its turquoise water, white sand beaches and golf clubs. The area is filled with celebrities and affluent visitors who enjoy the island from their yatch or at the exclusive hotels. This restaurant opened its doors in 1973. I love it not only for its décor, but also for the food and the crowd. You can sit inside or in summer they have a fantastic terrace overlooking the garden, with flowing white curtains…. It is a magic atmosphere where you savor Gianni Pedrinelli’s delicious food.

gianni p.jpg

I highly recommend you start with the antipasti buffet. All the products are fresh, and you cannot go wrong as you have so many options. Given the location, you would think that you should choose seafood as your main dish, but don’t worry if you are not in that mood. The pastas and veal Milanese are as delicious as their fish or scampi.