Healthy lifestyle doesn't only mean eating healthy food or working out. It goes beyond that, you need to be happy to be healthy.

Living a Bon-Vivant lifestyle is living life to the fullest potential. 

The Bon-Vivant Girl


Step 1: Love and accept yourself


If you don’t love or accept yourself, how do you expect other people doing it? It is not a question of weight, success or social status. It is a matter of well-being.

I know sometimes it's hard to get there, as we keep comparing ourselves to others thinking that they are perfect. To start with no one is perfect, every person would like to improve themselves in some area.

Now, you have the choice, you can either keep being unsatisfied about yourself and be frustrated; or accept who you are and be happy.  I am not asking you to stop dreaming and try getting somewhere.

I am asking you to think about positive aspects of yourself and body, rather than the negative ones.

For example, you have some weight to lose, go and look at yourself in the mirror and find a part of your body that you like.

Are you there yet? Did you remember that you are awesome? Great!!! You are ready for your step 2.


Step 2: Create a journal


Your journal will help you discover your specific problem and it will be easier to resolve it. Don’t worry, I am not asking you to write your memoirs, but a journal where you log some information. I am saying journal, but it can be your agenda or your phone.

If your problem is with your job, you need to log the moments that you are unhappy. Is it for a specific task, or at a particular time? Is it because you are angry, bored or overwhelmed? If your problem is with food, log in what you eat, when you eat, why you eat (hungry, bored or angry). After completing your journal for a week. Look at it, you will be able to define the aspect of your work or eating habit that you don’t like or do wrong.

Did you find your problem? Now let’s start our spring/summer/fall/winter cleaning.


Step 3: Clean everything & everyone toxic around you


Your happiness is the most important thing in life. We think that a situation is blocking us, but the actual problem is toxic elements around us. It can be some people, some food or even some belongings. For example, with food, remove all the dangerous products from your house. If you don’t see them, you won’t eat them. For a relationship problem, remove the bad seeds, which are basically people with bad influences and not supportive of you. Sometimes these people can be our spouses, or our parents and obviously, we are not going to remove them. What we can do, is talk to them and ask them to be more supportive. Don’t forget!!! If you want to have a great life, you need the love and support from yourself and people around you.

Are you toxic free? Then you are ready to fill it with love.


Step 4: Do everything with love


When we do everything with love, the outcome is surprising; everything looks, tastes and feels better. I know it is not easy sometimes to work with love because not everyone loves what they are doing for a living. But if you have chosen that job, try to remember why you have decided to work in that position. There should have been at least one aspect that has attracted you, what was it? It could be the money, the social side or anything else. Once you figure it out (your journal can help you if you have difficulties), emphasis on that positive aspect instead of the negative one.

If you do your job with love, it will come out better and make you happier. The same goes with any aspect of your life.

So, what are you waiting for? Do everything with love: shop, cook, work and live.


Step 5: Socialize and travel


Nobody is happy when they are alone. You need to see other people, it will cheer you up and can bring you new ideas. Don’t give me the excuse that you are too tired or trying to lose weight. Even if you are tired, instead of eating alone in front of the TV, you can do it out with a friend. And if you are trying to shed few pounds, sitting at home munching on your restricted food won’t make you lose weight.

If you go out and socialize, you can take a break from the annoying problems of everyday. You don’t need to spend a lot of money, or party till down. But you have to be around people (good seeds) and enjoy your life.

Don’t forget, bon-vivant means well-living in French, so GET OUT & LIVE WELL.


Step 6: Be HAPPY


Although this is the last step, it is the most important. I cannot emphasize enough: don’t wait for things to happen to find your happiness. Find your happiness first and then the rest will come. I am not saying it will be easy every day, but step by step you can make it happen. Don’t forget healthy doesn’t mean only eating right, but being happy!!!