Welcome to my website, I am so glad you found me. I know we are going to have a great time together.

I used to divide my life, between sparkling periods and dark periods. During my sparkling periods, I would be a party girl, enjoying everything that life has to offer… good or bad. During my dark periods, I would pay for the sparkling periods and be an unhappy girl.
Few years ago, I have decided that I should fusion both periods and it was the birth of the Bon-Vivant girl.

A bon-vivant means a well living person in French. The BVg lifestyle is all about living your life to the fullest potential, about accepting who you are and loving it. It is being healthy, not because you are a size 2 and live on kale; but because you are happy and eat food that makes you feel good. When you live the BVg lifestyle you don’t stop because you are scared; you find your problem, analyze it and resolve it.
The BVg lifestyle is loving, funny, practical, healthy, fearless and most importantly happy.

I have created this website to spread my message. I will show you how to BE hungry for happy, and how to DO it. We will stay IN to cook and more, or go OUT to discover my city and the world. And finally, you will SEE me in action in all social media and even have the chance to BUY my selected products that would make you happy.

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