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I have never been a skinny girl, but it wasn’t until I moved to NYC 15 years ago that I experienced the biggest weight gain of my life. After trying every diet in the market, I decided to fuse my health coach training with my psychotherapist mind to blow up the pattern of binge and purge…. or as I will call my Black and Sparkle periods.

Although my journey started with weight loss my new mindset animated every part of my life, showing me that by loving and accepting myself and living life to the fullest potential I could reach any goal. My new philosophy is called “The Bon-Vivant Girl” and my mission is to spread my message of self-love and self-acceptance across the globe.

book on the street

Size doesn't
always matter

You can be a size 2 or a size 10, as long as you are not happy you cannot be healthy. If You Are What You Eat Should I Eat a Skinny Girl is the ultimate ANTI-diet book. It is a guide to living life to the fullest potential, where I’ve shared my experiences and my struggles to motivate you, make you laugh and help you get on the road to a happy, healthy life.

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