The road to a Happy & Healthy Lifestyle

Who is the Bon-Vivant Girl?

The Bon-Vivant Girl, Nathalie Botros, is a world traveler with a big appetite, both for food and experiences. Nathalie was born in Lebanon, raised in Turkey, studied in Switzerland, played and worked in Milan, and eventually landed in New York City. While in New York, Nathalie experienced the biggest weight gain of her life. After numerous failed diet attempts, Nathalie realized that weight loss is not about banning food, but about making smarter choices while eating a bit of everything, enjoying every minute of the process.
Nathalie teaches women how to lose weight and feel great without sacrificing their appetite and love for life.




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Have you done all the right things, yet you still cannot lose weight?
Do you start your diet every Monday and write a breakup letter to it the following day?
Have you started avoiding things that would make you fat? Like scales, mirrors, and photos
Most importantly: Aren’t you tired of restricting yourself with diets?